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Why has this website been made?

Once upon a time, there was a website – farthingwood.net – with a lot of Farthing Wood-related content on the Internet. It had episode summaries, pictures, nearly everything you would want to know about Farthing Wood.

But that was not the most important. It had also managed to gather a community. People who had rediscovered the series, old and new fans, all sharing the same interest and the same passion. This place was pretty easy to find and everyone was welcome. These were fun times.

Unfortunately, after a few years the website was closed. But the forum was kept, and the community was strong. There was a lot to discuss and new ideas every day. From the beginning there had been people who drew, others who wrote, be it stories or poems, and new members continued to join, while some other left.

But after some time, we all felt something was missing. No other website had as much Farthing Wood-related content than farthingwood.net. To gather information and pictures that were unavailable on the forum, people had to fend for themselves. Oh, there are a few very fine websites, but the Internet lacked an English-language website worthy of farthingwood.net. Some place where not only official material is described and discussed, but where fan-made material is also present. A website both informative and fun.

The website you are visiting, we hope, will be that site.

Who is behind it?

A bunch of Farthing Wood fans, who for some have been part of our community for years. I would like to address special thanks to Lutra, who has provided motivation and support so that this website was made. I would also like to thank Hellingly and Boldfox, who originally worked on the episode summaries you can find here. As for me, I am the webmaster, and am going around under the nickname Fenrir.

Please enjoy your visit.

This website is fan-made. We are not connected to the EBU/UER or the BBC in any way.

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