Ana-Vixen's Farthing Wood website. Contains novel and episode guides. Has a forum.
Harshbarj's Farthing Wood website. Contains episode and character guides, pictures and audio resources. Has a forum.
The main German Farthing Wood community, gathered by Kitsune. Contains episode and character guides. Has a forum.
Tales of the Silvery Fox
Kalyerac's website is not entirely focused on Farthing Wood, but contains material that is to be found nowhere else: Flash and GIF animations, as well as a Winamp skin. It also has a gallery.


Wikipedia have a lot of article about the novels, episodes and characters.
The Internet Movie Database has a lot of information about the people involved into making the episodes, as well as reviews of the TV show.
European Broadcasting Union
Very little information is available on that page, but as the TV series would probably not have been done without them, they deserve to be linked.
Producers of the TV series.
La Fabrique
Producers of the TV series.

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